About Us

The Association of Community Rail Partnerships (ACoRP) is dedicated to supporting community-based groups and partnerships that connect their community with their railway and deliver social benefit.

Across Britain, more than 50 community rail partnerships, plus hundreds of station friends and other groups and social enterprises, make up the community rail movement. It’s a growing movement delivering a wide range of activities that bring people together and help communities get the most from their railways, as well as helping our railways to thrive and grow. These activities range from community gardening and arts projects on stations, to helping people with disabilities use rail, to advising train operators on how they can meet local needs. Evidence suggests this work carries significant social and economic value.

ACoRP provides support, advice and information to the community rail movement, particularly through membership services and our events. We share good practice and connect those working in community rail, while also sharing insights from the wider voluntary and community sector, rail industry and beyond.

We also represent and advocate for community rail, providing a link between our members and national and devolved governments, partners and industry, promoting understanding of their contribution and how this can be nurtured. We also aim to raise awareness about the wonderful world of community rail more widely, explaining its importance, and promoting engagement with (and travel by!) community rail.

ACoRP’s vision

A flourishing community rail movement, connecting communities and their railways, and enhancing the wellbeing, sustainability and development of communities and railways across Britain.

ACoRP’s mission

To empower, support and champion the community rail movement, helping community rail partnerships and groups to:

  • Enhance the railways’ contribution to local sustainable development and community wellbeing, including by maximising access to and use of the railways
  • Ensure the community has a voice and plays a part in the development and improvement of our railways, so this meets community needs and aspirations and delivers maximum social benefit
  • Communicate the development and importance of our railways to local communities, enhancing understanding and pride, and promoting rail as a key part of sustainable, healthy travel.