ACoRP 2017 membership survey

, December 4th, 2017

A big thank you to everyone who participated in ACORP’s membership survey. We received many responses from across the membership, and we are currently carefully reading through all your comments and analysing the results.

Occurring every two years, the survey provides us with some member satisfaction measures which helps us to assess and reflect on what we are doing well and what we need to improve. In addition, it allows us to create a more detailed picture of your future priories, challenges and priorities which ensures our work continues to respond to your needs, and provide support the growing community rail movement.

The headline figures

  • 76% said we offer good value from our membership (an increase of 4% from 2015);
  • 84% said we communicate very well/well (an increase of 11% from 2015). Over 90% of you said you read Train on Line, and over half of you said you do so regularly;
  • Over 90% of you have attended an ACoRP event in the last two years and results demonstrate these are instrumental and unique in encouraging collaboration and innovation in community rail and creating a sense of a community for our members. 86% of respondents said they had made new contacts from attending an event, 72% said they felt part of the community rail movement and 64% said they had been inspired by an idea from another organisation or group.

Your future priorities and needs

  • Key future priorities for members include enhancing stations, working to provide better and more accessible rail services and engaging with your communities. There is great enthusiasm for engaging the next generation in sustainable and safe rail travel and involving more diverse groups in your work;
  • Many of you said you would like help in developing your communications and marketing to raise awareness of the work you do, especially using digital;
  • Many of you also would like more support in volunteer recruitment and management and help with practical issues like fundraising, resourcing, planning and evaluating the social impact of your work;
  • The role of ACoRP in helping you to share best practice, network and develop your skills remains crucially important. Many of you were keen for ACoRP to share best practice through facilitating discussion groups, creating more opportunity for networking at existing events and training and growing number of written case studies.

What now?

The results of the membership survey will continue to inform our planning process over the coming months. We will ensure that these comments and suggestions are fed back to the Department for Transport and we will also provide an update at the Community Rail Conference next March.

The feedback you have given us has been helpful in feeding into the development of our training and development programme which will become live in the new year.

A big thank you again from all the ACoRP team.  We really value your input and suggestions. Remember that we are always listening and are always keen to hear your thoughts and ideas so please do get in touch.