Book an introduction to the railways of Cumbria

, December 3rd, 2017
The picturesque Eskmeals viaduct, on the Cumbrian Coast Line.

The picturesque Eskmeals viaduct, on the Cumbrian Coast Line.

The Cumbrian Railways Association is proud to announce the publication of its latest book “An Introduction to Cumbrian Railways”. Written by well-known railway historian and writer David Joy, this 96 page fully illustrated book, tells the fascinating story of the development of railways in what is now the county of Cumbria. The content spans from the earliest days in the 1830’s to the present – from railway pioneers to rail privatisation.

Each railway line in the County is covered, from the main trunk lines, such as the West Coast Main Line, to the smaller railways that went to make up the network of lines serving local communities and businesses. The Industrial lines that served the County also receive comprehensive coverage.

Basic information on the building of the railways and their subsequent development is also included. The book is topped off with a detailed bibliography for those that want to learn more

This book includes over 150 colour/monochrome photographs and more than 20 specially created colour maps.

“An Introduction to Cumbrian Railways is a book that will appeal to knowledgeable enthusiasts and newcomers alike. It is a book that one will want to pick up and read from cover to cover or dip into time and time again to browse the pictures, maps and text”,  said CRA Chairman Philip Tuer

The book is priced £9.95 and will be available from November from bookshops or direct from the Cumbrian Railways Association by visiting