Drink up for Dronfield

, February 24th, 2017

Pubs are frequently named after Kings, Queens and sometimes Dukes, and wines usually bear the names of their place of origin, but not many beers are named to celebrate a bunch of railway enthusiasts.  However a visit to the Three Tuns in Dronfield will give you the opportunity to savour the delightful Friends of Dronfield Station Ale.  Strictly speaking a porter (pertinent given its connection with the local station), FoDS Ale is made from brown malt and comes out of the cask a shade darker than ordinary bitters.

Last Tuesday a group of the ‘Friends’ of the station met at the Three Tuns to spend a convivial evening tasting a glass or two (or three) of the FoDS Ale.  These were members of the FoDS work gang, a bunch of volunteers who spend much of their spare time painting fences, maintaining the garden and generally keeping Dronfield Station spick and span for the thousands of local people who start their rail journeys there.

Project Manager Philip Brightmore said, “being part of a voluntary group which has brought the trains back to Dronfield and made the station an attractive gateway to the town is a reward in itself, but to have a local brew named after us is the icing on the cake (or maybe the foaming head on a glass of beer).”

FoDS ale is brewed by Drone Valley Brewery of Unstone and is sold at the Three Tuns on Cemetery Road, Dronfield.