Code of Conduct

  • Friends of Stations/Station Adopters    Code of Conduct
  • Comply with all terms and conditions for Station Adoption/Station Friends specified by their Train Operating Company (TOC);
  • Ensure that the correct permission is sought from the TOC before undertaking any work at a station;
  • Ensure that the group operates within the guidelines set out in ACoRP’s Station Adoption Guide;
  • Ensure that no member of the group acts in such a manner as to bring the Station Adoption movement into disrepute – Remember that the behaviour of the group affects not only its own standing within the local community but also the reputation of every station adoption group within the rail industry;
  • Ensure that any issues regarding the TOC are handled internally within the rail industry and not through the media;
  • Ensure that the group is open to everyone regardless of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, gender, by being a gay man or lesbian or religious belief or by conditions or requirements, which cannot be shown to be justifiable within the context of the Equal Opportunities Act.
  • Ensure that at no time are volunteers working at the station under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Ensure that no volunteer goes on the track or lineside under any circumstances.