How can ACoRP help?

ACoRP Station Adoption Handbook imageWe have produced a Station Adoption Toolkit for groups who wish to get started with Station Adoption at their local station.  We have regular Station Adoption articles posted in the news section of this website  and at Community Rail Café ( you will find a lot of information posted by Station Adopters nationwide.  We are also committed to holding a National Station Adoption Seminar each year.

We can advise on setting up groups and provide model constitutions.  ACoRP members have access to our Small Grants Fund which is mainly aimed at pump priming small projects at stations.

Can I join ACoRP as a Station Adoption Group?

Yes you can join ACoRP as a Station Adoption Group for £25.00 +VAT per year and get access to all the ACoRP Services.  A membership form can be downloaded in the column on the right.

Note: If you have a Community Rail Partnership (CRP) on your line, they can access the services of ACoRP for you and your group.  To see if you do have a CRP on your line check the member’s pages.

How do I contact the right person at ACoRP?
The dedicated day to day contact is Dawn Wolrich you can email her by clicking here.

To contact other members of the ACoRP team visit the staff page.