The policy of train operators towards station adoptee’s insurance does vary.

If you are in Greater Manchester or the North of England generally, and working with Northern, the train company considers that you have the same general protection that any member of the public has providing you stay within the prescribed area that the public has access to.

But the moment you go out of the area where you are allowed to be, you are uninsured.

East Midlands Trains, Station Adopters are covered under the Train Operators policy

First Group companies Station Adopters are covered by the Train Operators policy

In other areas please consult your train operator.  In any case it’s a good idea to be insured.  However, insurance is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, therefore ACoRP employees are not able to give advice on insurance over and above the fact that it’s a good idea.

However our broker can. Arthur J Gallagher Insurance Brokers Ltd (AJG) specialises in ‘community’ type insurance.  They have been fully briefed in what station adoption groups do and will be happy to give you a quote for your group.

The contact is Megan Sones

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