The magic of a Cumbrian Christmas

, January 27th, 2017

Councillors, the Rotary Club, Northern and DRS in Cumbria organised a fantastic,  magical Santa Special train for local children who are looked after by the local authority on the 10th December. The beautifully decorated train set off from Maryport Station and journeyed through to Carlisle with Santa giving out presents to the children.

One of the highlights of the event was a story about the day that was subsequently drawn up by Madison, one of the many children who enjoyed the journey.  This was sent through to the Community Rail Cumbria Team by Madison and you can read his wonderful story below.


Madison’s Magical Christmas Ride

On a calm Winter morning, my Grandma told me and my smaller brother that she had a surprise and we had to get ready and head to the train station. When we got there, we were already in awe because so many people were at the train station. Suddenly, we were in the presence of a pleasant man wearing a Christmas jumper, he handed us a ticket and told us to enjoy our ride. When we asked how much the ticket would cost, he gave a short laugh and told us we had no need to pay, it was completely free! Well, this was amazing, but the fun was only just beginning.

As the light changed, a train chuffed into the station and as it slowly came to a stop, Santa Claus gave us a cheerful wave from a window. Next, we boarded the train and saw the glimmering carriage ahead of us, which looked like it should only be used by V.I.Ps, was drowned in Christmas decorations only fit for a fabulous Christmas train! When we took our seats, we were already provided with delicious treats and goodies! Kindly people shuffled busily down the aisle making sure that everyone felt like they were living a life of luxury

Father Christmas stops off on his world tour to bring cheer to the children of Cumbria

Father Christmas stops off on his world tour to bring cheer to the children of Cumbria

Afterwards was the truly amazing part, oh yes, Santa entered our carriage and gave a jolly laugh. He went to all the boys and girls on board and handed them little selection boxes filled with treats for later that day. After that, we found out that Santa knew EVERYTHING!   Let me explain… My Grandma works as a post-lady and, on the train, Santa headed to our table and clearly asked my Grandma ‘Are you still busy delivering Christmas letters?’ and after my Grandma had replied he then said ‘You see, Santa knows EVERYTHING!’ Which we found incredible!  Soon afterwards, the train gave a jerk and we stopped at Carlisle station where Santa bid those who were leaving the train farewell. My Grandma, my Brother and me however, we stayed on the train for the return journey home.

Just before the locomotive began moving again, a kind member of staff offered to take us to the drivers cab where we could get a picture and learn what each switch, button and handle did. When we agreed, he escorted us to the cab and did just as he said, he pointed out how everything worked and let my brother and I sit in the driver’s seat! He then said that the train would start moving again soon so we had to leave the drivers cab and go back to our seats again.

As we sat back down, a lovely man came by and gave us even more goodies and sweets, yum! The train gave a sudden lurch and steamed forward, we couldn’t wait to tell everyone what a great time we had on the train! We didn’t know how the time went so fast, I wished I could do that all over again! I hope we can do that again next year.

Madison (age 11 years)